“The Assembly’s one-house budget resolution all but ignores the needs of upstate families,” said Hawley. “Unfortunately, a large portion of economic development funding was gutted from the budget proposal, funding that my district has used to upgrade its infrastructure, help struggling companies stay afloat, and expand and foster community projects. It includes a crippling minimum wage hike which will surely stifle business expansion, restrict the ability to hire new employees, and raise prices for groceries and other consumer items.” 

            “I have been fighting tooth and nail to restore the Gap Elimination Adjustment (GEA) education cuts that were unfairly taken from our school districts in 2010, and our house’s budget resolution repays $150 million less than it did last year toward restoration of these cuts. Furthermore, Assembly Majority members had yet another chance to pass meaningful ethics reform and adopt Gov. Cuomo’s proposals. They ignored many of the governor’s reforms and have left New York vulnerable to more abuses of power and taxpayer money. We can and should do better for upstate families, and I will work with my legislative colleagues to make sure this does not stand.”

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