Assemblyman Steve Hawley (R,C,I-Batavia) commented today on a report that was recently released by the American Legislative Exchange Council (ALEC) which ranks New York last among states in economic competitiveness and having the worst domestic migration in the nation. Hawley said the report was deeply troubling but speaks to the lack of fiscal responsibility and suffocating business environment that has been reinforced and defended by Gov. Cuomo and the Assembly Majority. 

            “The findings of the ALEC report are disturbing but, unfortunately, are not new information,” Hawley said.  “We have known about New York’s lackluster business climate and oppressive tax structure for years no matter how the governor’s office tries to spin it. The way to spur economic growth is to ease the burden of government and allow small businesses to keep more of their profits so that they may grow their company and hire more employees.”

            The 2015-16 enacted budget provides very few measures that cut taxes or reduce regulations on businesses.  Several members of the Assembly Minority Conference proposed amendments to the budget to help small businesses and the middle-class but all were voted down by the Assembly Majority.    

            “Once again, this year’s enacted budget provides little to no tax relief or aid for individuals or small businesses,” Hawley said.  “As the former owner of our family-owned farm and the current owner of a small insurance agency, I can attest that legislation such as the Small Business Full Employment Act and establishing the Division of Regulatory Review & Economic Growth would catapult New York’s business climate into the upper echelon nationwide.  In order to compete with states like Florida and preserve our tax base, we must stop this mentality of tax, fine and harass.”

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