Survey answered across three counties by over 2,200 residents demonstrates lack of popularity for marijuana legalization, ‘Red Flag laws,’ support for ‘Two New Yorks’ bill         

Assemblyman Steve Hawley (R,C,I-Batavia) today released the results of his 2019 Legislative Survey which contained more than 2,200 responses from residents of all ages and party affiliations across Genesee, Orleans and Monroe counties. The survey, conducted earlier this summer, covered topics such as gun control, dividing New York into two separate states, single-payer health care, abortion, farm worker unionization and plastic bag bans, among other topics.

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“Listening to our constituents’ concerns and questions is the prime responsibility we have as lawmakers and this survey proves, above all else, that most Western New Yorkers in my district are not supportive of the radical progressive policies coming out of Albany,” Hawley said. “Things like giving pay raises to incarcerated felons and enacting a state takeover of healthcare are so far removed from the needs of millions of New Yorkers it continues to baffle me how they are considered top priorities by many downstate lawmakers. I look forward to continue traveling my district this fall and sharing these survey results with my neighbors as we gear up for next year’s session and lawmakers begin to formulate their legislative platforms.”

Highlights of Assemblyman Hawley’s Legislative Survey:

Do you support Assemblyman Hawley's 'Two New Yorks' proposal (A.1687-a) that would create a non-binding ballot question of "Should New York be divided into two states? (2,145 responses) 

  • YES 80.2%
  • NO 19.8%

What do you think is the best way to grow New York's economy? (2,090 responses)


  • Cut taxes on small businesses 62.2%
  • Lucrative tax breaks for out of state companies 3.3%
  • Have government take over certain sectors like health care 4.1%
  • Investment in infrastructure 30%

Recreational marijuana is legal in 10 states and is being considered in New York. Do you support legalizing adult-use recreational marijuana? (2,169 responses)

  • YES 29.6%
  • NO 70.4%

Should immigrants who have not become citizens be allowed to obtain a New York State driver's license? (2,170 responses)

  • YES 13%
  • NO 87%

Should taxpayers fund an increase to the minimum wage for inmates in state prisons? (2,172 responses)

  • YES 6.6%
  • NO 93.4%

Do you support Assemblyman Hawley's call for an armed 'School Resource Officer' in every school in New York State? (2,140 responses)

  • YES 76.2%
  • NO 23.8%

Do you support a repeal of the NY-Safe Act? (2,085 responses)

  • YES 75.8%
  • NO 24.2%

Do you support allowing farm workers to unionize? (2,067 responses)

  • YES 33.5%
  • NO 66.5%
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