“The Assembly’s One-House Budget Resolution is yet another example of entrenched New York City politicians trying to force misguided and dangerous policy on the rest of the state. The one-house budget, crafted entirely by the Assembly Majority, accepts the governor’s $15 per hour minimum wage increase, which would adversely impact local small businesses. It also decreases agriculture local assistance, hurting Western New York’s fertile farming industry.

            “Furthermore, I am outraged that no repeal of the unconstitutional SAFE Act or large-scale infrastructure funding are included. Both the Gov. and Assembly Majority have proposed eliminating $50 million in winter recovery funds that are vital to my district’s infrastructure after brutal Western New York winters. Last week I called for a large CHIPs increase in the budget and while the Assembly Majority has included a small increase, it is in no comparison to the infrastructure needs of our area’s roads, bridges and highways.

            “What we need are solutions that work for the middle class with upstate views in mind. Tax cuts for businesses and residents would streamline our economy and help produce jobs instead of kill them as the governor and Assembly Majority intend to do. Furthermore, we need to protect our local agriculture industry, and that starts with adequate funding to protect and expand the sector. I intend to fight for these provisions as we move toward a final state budget.”

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