Assemblyman Steve Hawley (R,C,I-Batavia) today called for the full repeal of the NY SAFE Act on the heels of new public safety data showing 81 percent of violations occurred in New York City,  over five times more than in the rest of the state. Hawley called for his legislation, A.2651, to be brought to the floor for a vote following the release of this new data.

            “As many of us said when we were getting force-fed this atrocious piece of legislation, this is an unconstitutional measure that will have little impact on curbing gun violence,” Hawley said. “The numbers are indisputable. The SAFE Act is little more than political pandering to liberal advocates who wanted to punish law-abiding upstate firearm owners for a downstate problem. I sponsor multiple bills, including A.3350, that would repeal the SAFE Act and I will continue to fight for full repeal of this ill-conceived law.”

            Furthermore, Hawley is pushing for a floor vote on his “Two New Yorks” legislation, which would allow for a ballot referendum asking voters whether they support the division of New York into two separate states.  

            “The Two New Yorks legislation, A.4167, has been one of the cornerstones of my platform for many years,” Hawley said. “If passed, it would provide for a non-binding referendum gauging public support for the division of New York into two separate states. Unfortunately, downstate politicians continue to block my bill from coming to the floor because they are fearful of the results. We should never sacrifice transparency and the public’s role in government to accumulate power and wealth. This is the time to vote on Two New Yorks, after seeing how upstate values are continually being stifled in exchange for New York City values, and that is dangerous.”

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