“The end of 2019 does not represent a time of closure but rather a time for new hope, new opportunity and the fulfillment of long-standing aspirations. It is a symbolic time to set new goals, raise your standards and put failures and disappointment behind you. Although we must always look forward, it is important to reflect on what we have accomplished this year and all that we have to be thankful for. In doing so, we can evaluate what we have achieved and push ourselves even further professionally, personally and physically to even greater limits next year.

            “The division in our state and our nation is troubling. Politics shouldn’t be a perpetual competition as much as it should be about listening, collaboration and compromise. New York has taken on a stark progressive character the last year under one-party leadership and although I disagree with many of the current policies, I will continue to extend the olive branch in 2020 and forge a bond with elected officials as fellow New Yorkers first, not Republicans or Democrats.

            “Next year’s election cycle is sure to be contentious, but we will heal as a nation by always remembering to listen, respect and be kind to others.

            “If you are out celebrating the New Year with family and friends and choose to consume alcohol, please do so responsibly and always take advantage of the great ride-sharing and taxi services we have locally. We need to all do our part this time of year to keep our drivers and passengers safe.

            “On behalf of all the constituents of the 139th Assembly District and fellow New Yorkers alike, I wish everyone and their families a happy and safe New Year!”   

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