“Halloween is one of children’s most treasured holidays, as it gives them the opportunity to bring imagination to real life and dress up as their favorite scary character or superhero and compete to see who will collect the most candy. While this is such an enjoyable time for parents and their children, it is crucial to remember to stay safe this Halloween, whether out trick-or-treating or attending a costume party with friends.

            “Drivers should remember to use extra caution on Halloween, especially in the evening, and it is crucial for trick-or-treaters to obey all traffic laws like crossing the street only at crosswalks, walking on the sidewalk if possible and carrying a flashlight or some other luminary device to remain visible after the sun goes down. Children should never eat candy that has been opened or given to them unwrapped and plan to trick-or-treat with a parent or group of other children.

            “Halloween isn’t just for children, as many adults and parents attend costume parties and festive get-togethers. Please be responsible and use public transportation or ride-sharing services if you are going to be drinking.

            “Have a safe, fun and memorable Halloween, and remember to not eat too much candy!”

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