May - august 2019

August 30, 2019                                                                                                       


Survey answered across three counties by over 2,200 residents demonstrates lack of popularity for marijuana legalization, ‘Red Flag laws,’ support for ‘Two New Yorks’ bill         

Assemblyman Steve Hawley (R,C,I-Batavia) today released the results of his 2019 Legislative Survey which contained more than 2,200 responses from residents of all ages and party affiliations across Genesee, Orleans and Monroe counties. The survey, conducted earlier this summer, covered topics such as gun control, dividing New York into two separate states, single-payer health care, abortion, farm worker unionization and plastic bag bans, among other topics.

To take the survey, go to

“Listening to our constituents’ concerns and questions is the prime responsibility we have as lawmakers and this survey proves, above all else, that most Western New Yorkers in my district are not supportive of the radical progressive policies coming out of Albany,” Hawley said. “Things like giving pay raises to incarcerated felons and enacting a state takeover of healthcare are so far removed from the needs of millions of New Yorkers it continues to baffle me how they are considered top priorities by many downstate lawmakers. I look forward to continue traveling my district this fall and sharing these survey results with my neighbors as we gear up for next year’s session and lawmakers begin to formulate their legislative platforms.”

Highlights of Assemblyman Hawley’s Legislative Survey:

Do you support Assemblyman Hawley's 'Two New Yorks' proposal (A.1687-a) that would create a non-binding ballot question of "Should New York be divided into two states? (2,145 responses) 

  • YES 80.2%
  • NO 19.8%

What do you think is the best way to grow New York's economy? (2,090 responses)


  • Cut taxes on small businesses 62.2%
  • Lucrative tax breaks for out of state companies 3.3%
  • Have government take over certain sectors like health care 4.1%
  • Investment in infrastructure 30%

Recreational marijuana is legal in 10 states and is being considered in New York. Do you support legalizing adult-use recreational marijuana? (2,169 responses)

  • YES 29.6%
  • NO 70.4%

Should immigrants who have not become citizens be allowed to obtain a New York State driver's license? (2,170 responses)

  • YES 13%
  • NO 87%

Should taxpayers fund an increase to the minimum wage for inmates in state prisons? (2,172 responses)

  • YES 6.6%
  • NO 93.4%

Do you support Assemblyman Hawley's call for an armed 'School Resource Officer' in every school in New York State? (2,140 responses)

  • YES 76.2%
  • NO 23.8%

Do you support a repeal of the NY-Safe Act? (2,085 responses)

  • YES 75.8%
  • NO 24.2%

Do you support allowing farm workers to unionize? (2,067 responses)

  • YES 33.5%
  • NO 66.5%

August 28, 2019                                                                                                       



Assemblyman Steve Hawley (R,C,I-Batavia) is joining fellow legislators in co-sponsoring a bill that will protect New York state drivers from Gov. Andrew Cuomo’s proposed $25 mandated fee on new license plates.

The legislation, introduced last week by Assembly Minority Leader Brian Kolb, would prohibit the state Department of Motor Vehicles from requiring a fee when the design of the state license plate is changed.

“This is yet another hidden ‘money grab’ coming from the governor’s office,” said Hawley. “Cuomo has no problem wasting taxpayer dollars on new signs for his father’s bridge and undocumented immigrants, but loves to shake down the taxpayers for every cent of their hard-earned paychecks.”

Last week, the governor announced that license plates older than 10 years old will be subjected to the new replacement requirement. The governor’s plan imposes a mandated $25 fee, which is the maximum allowed by law for new plates, on top of the already-burdensome registration renewal costs. Drivers who want to keep their license plate number will also be forced to pay an extra $20 under his proposal.

August 20, 2019                                                                                                       



Assemblyman Steve Hawley [right of wreath] poses for a photo with Assemblyman Michael DenDekker [left of wreath] and veterans in front of the Vietnam War Memorial during last year’s Patriot Trip to Washington D.C.

            Assemblyman Steve Hawley (R,C,I-Batavia) announced today that seats are still available for his annual Patriot Trip to Washington D.C. which will take place September 19 – September 22, 2019.

            This will mark the 12th year Hawley has hosted the trip which allows local veterans and their family members to visit a host of famous military memorials in the Washington D.C. area.

            The group will be staying in the newly redesigned Bethesda Marriott Hotel, located near downtown Bethesda, Maryland, featuring an outdoor pool, fitness center, the new M Club Lounge and multiple dining and drink options on premises. Check in will be on September 19 and check out will be September 22.

            *Anyone is now permitted to sign up, although priority will still be given to residents of the 139th Assembly District. The approximate cost of the trip is $400 per person and that includes meals, transportation and admission to the memorials.  

Attractions Hawley plans to visit this year on the trip include:

White House



Air Force Memorial

Pentagon/911 Memorial

WWII Memorial

Korean Memorial

Vietnam Memorial

Stephen F, Udvar Hazy Museum

Arlington National Cemetery

Wreath Laying Ceremony at Tomb of the Unknowns


            If you or a veteran you know want more information about this year’s Patriot Trip XII, please call 585-589-5780 or email [email protected]. To view photos from previous years, use the following link:



            Assemblyman Steve Hawley (R,C,I-Batavia) will tour several farms across the counties of Genesee, Orleans & Monroe in the towns of Elba, Churchville, Kendall and Kent this Thursday, August 22nd.

            Hawley is the former owner and operator of his family’s farm in Batavia, a past President of the Genesee County Farm Bureau and a long-standing member of the Assembly Agriculture Committee.

            Hawley voted against the ‘Farm Labor Bill’, authored by New York City politicians, which passed the Assembly during a slew of faintly vetted legislation at the end of this year’s session.

            “Family farms are sadly becoming an endangered species in New York State with increased minimum wage requirements and the misguided ‘Farm Labor Bill’ which allows unionization and restricts an owner’s use of labor,” Hawley said. “I’m looking forward to this tour because our farmers have been shortchanged by Albany and they deserve to have their voice heard over lawmakers who have never even set foot on a farm.”

**Media invited and encouraged to attend**

Farm Tour Schedule: Thursday, Aug. 22

9:30 a.m. – 10:30 a.m.

CY Farms

5327 Watson Road



11:15 a.m. – 12:15 p.m.

Zuber Farms LLC

3846 Westside Drive



1 p.m. – 2:15 p.m.

Kludt Bros Farm

1161 W. Kendall Road



3 p.m. – 4 p.m.
Lynn-ette & Sons Inc.
1512 Kent Road


        Assemblyman Steve Hawley (R,C,I- Batavia) is to hold a series of town hall meetings throughout Monroe County on Saturday, August 24th.  Hawley will make a circuit of several key town halls to get a gauge on citizens’ concerns and questions.

            “After one of the most impactful and tumultuous legislative sessions in recent memory, where one party controlled both legislative houses and the governor’s office, residents deserve to know what happened, why it happened and what is on the docket for next year,” Hawley said. “I encourage residents to join me at either of these informative town halls later this month for a full recap of this year and other happenings in our community.”

Town Hall Meeting Schedule: 

Village of Churchville/Town of Riga

9:30 a.m. – 10:15 a.m.

Riga Town Hall

6460 East Buffalo Road, Churchville



Village of Brockport/Town of Sweden

10:30 a.m. – 11:15 a.m.

Seymour Library

161 East Avenue, Brockport

July 1, 2019                                                                                                              

Summer Fun Meets Summer Learning in the Finger Lakes Region

The school year is over, and for many families that means pool parties, vacations and relaxation. And, while those are all wonderful and important parts of the summer, it is also critical to continue to mentally stimulate school-age children during the long layover between classes.
Studies have shown the "Summer Slide", an academic regression for children during non-school months, can have an impact on future learning. Reading, free online courses and playing board games are a few great ways to stimulate young minds until the upcoming school year. The Finger Lakes Region has an incredible library system, too, with tools to help keep kids’ minds active and thinking. To learn more about the great resources the library system offers, click here.
Also, don’t be afraid to incorporate academics into regular, everyday activities like going to the grocery store or hiking a trail. There is math, science and technology all around us; anything can be a teachable moment with the right approach. Make it fun!
The Finger Lakes Region is home to many beautiful destinations and vistas that are both educational and fun. The Finger Lakes National Forest offers hiking trails where families can exercise, explore nature and practice their photography skills. Further, the I Love NY website has additional suggestions for other attractions and recreational opportunities. When you get home, be sure to check you and your family for tick and other insect bites to help prevent Lyme disease.
For those looking to get out of the house while also helping boost the local economy, the Finger Lakes Region is home to several farmers’ markets—one of the purest manifestations of community and comradery.
Our community is rich in resources, beauty and hard-working people who care about their neighbors. I hope each of you takes some time to explore all it has to offer and stimulate your minds and your bodies during summer vacation.      

June 19, 2019                                                                                                           


A Statement from Assemblyman Steve Hawley (R,C,I-Batavia) on passage of the Farmworkers Fair Labor Practices Act

            “As the former owner and operator of our family farm for decades, I know these new mandates will devastate New York’s family farms and disrupt the industry beyond repair – an industry that generates $4.8 billion in annual revenue.

            “Agriculture is a unique industry where production and success are contingent upon steady and reliable labor, and implementing more handcuffs on our farm owners and restricting the availability of that labor while increasing its costs will be devastating.

            “Furthermore, mandating time and a half overtime pay for any hours over 60 in a week is just not practical. Our farmers are constantly fighting flooding, drought and unpredictable weather patterns that often require unpredictable work hours, which is ultimately necessary to achieve success in the business.

            “What’s more troubling is the establishment of a new board, headed by big-labor special interests, to further examine farm labor. The board wrongly excludes the Commissioner of Agriculture and Markets and will undoubtedly heap mandate upon mandate and cost upon cost upon our family farms. We need to leave this industry alone and allow the farmers themselves, many of whom have been perfecting their craft for generations, to run their businesses as they see fit without government intrusion.

            “New York City lawmakers have been behind this legislation from the beginning. Shocking, considering there are virtually no family farms in New York City. It’s an authoritarian overreach to dictate one of upstate’s cornerstone industries from the towers and skyscrapers of the big city – another reason we need to consider my ‘Two New Yorks’ legislation.

            “I voted no on these big government farm mandates and will always stand with the tried and true producers of Western New York before downstate lawmakers.”

June 17, 2019                                                                                                           



Assemblyman Steve Hawley (R,C,I-Batavia) [center] introduces several veterans of World War II on the Assembly Floor late last week.

            Coinciding with the legislature’s celebration of Flag Day and the founding of the U.S. Army, Assemblyman Steve Hawley (R,C,I-Batavia) had the honor of introducing many veterans of World War Two on the Assembly Floor on Friday. 

            “World War II veterans, ‘The Greatest Generation’ are an elite and special group and it is important to frequently recognize and cherish their role in defending America’s freedom,” Hawley said. “Many of these brave young men and women volunteered, sometimes lying about their age in order to answer the call of duty. Their courage and bravery helped shape and preserve American exceptionalism, and it was truly an honor to introduce and meet with them in Albany.”

            Hawley, a veteran of the Ohio Army National Guard and U.S. Army Reserves, is the son of a World War II veteran himself, R. Stephen Hawley who fought in Burma as part of Merrill’s Marauders. Hawley also hosts an annual trip to Washington D.C. each September, the Patriot Trip, joining local veterans and their families on a tour of our nation’s military and political monuments.


Assemblyman Hawley presents an official Assembly Citation to Josephine Smith in Albany Friday as the legislature celebrated visiting World War II veterans.


            Coinciding with the 244th Anniversary of the United State Army, Assemblyman Steve Hawley (R,C,I-Batavia) had the privilege of unanimously passing an Assembly Resolution Thursday in Albany honoring Albion resident and United States Army Staff Sergeant David Bellavia for receiving the Medal of Honor. The honor will be presented to him by President Trump on June 25, 2019.

            Staff Sgt. Bellavia will become the first living Iraq War veteran to receive the Medal of Honor after bravely rescuing his entire squad who had become trapped during the Battle of Fallujah. He then proceeded to engage the enemy, killing four and wounding a fifth, which ultimately led to the safety of three squads of the Third Platoon.

            “Staff Sgt. David Bellavia is a true example of the American courage, bravery and heroics that have forged our great nation and he is beyond deserving of this tremendous honor,” Hawley said. “His willingness to put the lives and protection of others above himself during the Iraq War’s most intense battle is a priceless act of selflessness to which we should all emulate and, for that, he is an American hero. I am honored to recognize Staff Sgt. Bellavia for his service to our nation and thank him for his sacrifices in protecting our country and its citizens.”

June 14, 2019                                                                                                           


A Statement from Assemblyman Steve Hawley (R,C,I-Batavia) commemorating the founding of the U.S. Army

“For nearly two and a half centuries the U.S. Army has courageously served our country. On June 14, 1775 the Continental Congress established the United Continental Army under the command of General George Washington to serve the United Colonies for a year.

“Today, we celebrate the 244th birthday of the Army and in doing so celebrate the heroic sacrifices of all the men and women who have served in defense of our freedom and liberty. Across the nation we recognize and honor the more than 1 million active members of the unified Army and the 180,000 Army soldiers and personnel deployed overseas.

“I am proud to have served in the Ohio Army National Guard and U.S. Army Reserves, reaching the rank of First Lieutenant, while always remembering my father, a World War Two veteran who fought as a member of Merrill’s Marauders in Burma.

“Loyalty, duty and selfless-service have characterized the Army since its inception. From the beaches of Normandy to the rolling hills of Afghanistan and Iraq, we bear in mind the brave men and women who have generously sacrificed so much for our country. In the spirit of solemn thanksgiving and praise, we wish a happy birthday to the U.S. Army.”

June 13, 2019                                                                                                           



Assemblyman Steve Hawley (R,C,I-Batavia) [far right] meets with Maureen Torrey and Shelley Stein from Grow-NY at Wednesday’s New York Farm Bureau Rally in Albany.

            Assemblyman Steve Hawley (R,C,I-Batavia) met with supporters at a rally in Albany Wednesday organized by the New York Farm Bureau and Grow-NY regarding the dangers of allowing farm workers to unionize. Hawley, the former owner and operator of Hawley Farms in Batavia, is a longtime member of the Assembly Agriculture Committee and has been outspoken on the damaging effects labor regulations would have on the family farming industry.

            “I was proud to stand with dedicated farmers, activists and producers yesterday in Albany as we push back against labor regulations being advanced by New York City politicians,” Hawley said. “Our family farms are already struggling under suffocating minimum-wage mandates and low commodity prices, and to regulate an industry which thrives off the necessity to operate unique hours at different times would be devastating.”

            Net farm income is down 50% from just a few years ago and farmers have little to no control over the prices they receive for what they produce, unlike most manufacturers who can set their own prices. According to a 2019 report from Farm Credit East, mandatory overtime would increase labor costs on farms by almost $300 million and decrease net farm income by almost 25%.

            “We know what works best for our family farms and that is the ability to regulate their own labor to produce the best results. I will continue to stand in the way of harmful farm mandates as session nears its end next week,” Hawley concluded.         

June 12, 2019                                                                                                           


A Statement from Assemblyman Steve Hawley (R,C,I-Batavia) on the Assembly passing legislation awarding driver’s licenses to illegal aliens

            “This sends a dangerous message to society – it’s acceptable to enter our country illegally and continue to break the law because you will be rewarded.

            “Downstate politicians continue to peddle handouts and shortcuts for everyone but the middle class. Felons get pay raises, illegals get driver’s licenses and sex offenders get voting rights.

            “Make no mistake, this is a step toward allowing illegals to vote in our elections.

            “Recent polling shows the majority of the state opposes this radical proposal but New York City politicians are more concerned with scoring political points against President Trump than following public sentiment – a disgraceful day in Albany.”

June 6, 2019                                                                                                              


            Assemblyman Steve Hawley (R,C,I-Batavia) today chided members of the Assembly Veterans’ Affairs Committee for blocking a package of bills that would have provided financial relief for veterans’ groups and their families at recreational facilities. Hawley, who has served on the Veterans’ Affairs Committee for many years, is also a veteran and hosts an annual trip to Washington D.C. each September for local veterans and their families – the Patriot Trip.

            Hawley served as acting Ranking Republican Member of Tuesday’s committee meeting and insisted that each bill be considered on its own merits so that a vote could be taken on each instead of choosing to ‘Hold for Consideration’ – a legislative action which essentially kills the legislation.

            Three of the bills had bipartisan support, yet all were blocked by a vote of 10-8.

The bills blocked by the Assembly Majority include:

            “It continues to baffle me that members of the downstate majority refuse to repay our brave veterans for their service to our state and nation,” Hawley said. “The costs associated with these measures are miniscule compared to the costs and sacrifices many veterans paid while protecting our freedom – and yet they were all blocked. As we witnessed when downstate lawmakers blocked my Gold Star families bill earlier this year, the majority has no issue rewarding illegal individuals with driver’s licenses or prison inmates with pay raises but turn their backs when it comes to our veterans – disgraceful.”

June 5, 2019                                                                                                              


A Statement from Assemblyman Steve Hawley (R,C,I-Batavia) on the Assembly Transportation Committee’s passage of a bill granting driver’s licenses to undocumented individuals

            “This is a dangerous proposal that diminishes the responsibility and efforts of those here legally to play by the rules, obey our laws and obtain a driver’s license.

            “This creates myriad issues for law enforcement and illegal drivers obtaining insurance, not to mention the safety issue posed on our roads that will be faced by other drivers unsure if the person next to them is familiar with traffic procedures and laws that keep us all safe.

            “For the Majority to waste time on legislation that, when polled, is opposed by 61 percent of the public statewide, is a total waste of time and insulting to the struggling middle class who need our help in these waning days of session.

            “Whether this is a political stand against President Trump, or an effort to score points with their radical base. We should never reward those with handouts who have already proved to break the law.”         



Assemblyman Steve Hawley [right] poses with Assemblyman Will Barclay [left] showing an Assembly Proclamation honoring June 5 as Dairy Day in New York.

            Assemblyman Steve Hawley (R,C,I-Batavia) proudly celebrated Dairy Day today in Albany, along with colleagues from both sides of the aisle, activists, advocates and farmers from around the state. Hawley, a longtime member of the Assembly Agriculture Committee, is the former owner and operator of Hawley Farms located in Batavia.

            “This marks one of my favorite days of the year in Albany as we come together, putting party and differences aside, to celebrate New York’s spectacular dairy industry,” Hawley said. “I believe we have one of the premier dairy operations in the entire country as our milk is used in yogurt, cheese and ice cream and eventually shipped and sold across the United States. I take pride in being a strong advocate for dairy farmers and will continue to support their efforts in our state.”

June 4, 2019                                                                                                              



A photo taken by Assemblyman Hawley during a meeting with Gov. Cuomo and administration officials regarding Lake Ontario water levels

            In light of record-high water levels reported today on Lake Ontario, Assemblyman Steve Hawley (R,C,I-Batavia) met with Gov. Cuomo, head of Economic Development, Howard Zemsky, members of the administration and state senators and assemblymembers who represent districts along the shoreline to discuss a solution.

            Hawley wrote to President Trump last week asking him to renegotiate Plan 2014.

            “We had a productive meeting today in Albany in order find a solution to the uncontrollable flooding of Lake Ontario,” Hawley said. “Gov. Cuomo reiterated his new task force to study the situation and come up with solutions, including long-term economic development strategies that include local government support. Permits for residents and businesses are being expedited and I will continue to update residents as we quickly work toward a relief package in Albany.”

May 30, 2019                                                                                                             



Increasing waves crash over a flood barrier during Hawley’s Tuesday tour of the Lake Ontario Shore

            Following another tour of the flooding along much of Lake Ontario’s southern shore Tuesday, Assemblyman Steve Hawley (R,C,I-Batavia) has joined a delegation of assemblymembers who represent communities impacted by flooding in writing to Gov. Cuomo asking for a relief package to be implemented before the end of session.

            “The lake levels are a foot and a half higher than they were last year at this time…Like Hurricane Sandy destroyed downstate property, the continuous Lake Ontario devastation deserves the same response of funding and assistance,” Hawley wrote to Gov. Cuomo.

            “As we witnessed firsthand on Tuesday, flooding along the shoreline is reaching disastrous proportions and we need to act now to secure a relief package for our homeowners and businesses,” Hawley said. “I applaud state leaders for taking prelimary steps to mitigate flood damage, but the reality is that the lake will likely exceed 2017 water levels in the near future and sandbags and barricades are becoming useless. Securing a flood relief package is my top priority in these last few weeks of session.”

            In addition to efforts at the state level, Hawley has asked President Trump to renegotiate Plan 2014 that many believe is the root cause of much of the lake’s flooding. The treaty was signed into law by President Obama only a short time before he left office.

            “I am writing, once again, imploring you to renegotiate Plan 2014 and also make available mitigation assistance funding for residents, businesses and municipalities…I repeatedly fought the IJC’s Plan 2014 believing that it would threaten property…I am deeply disheartened, seeing first-hand, another year of destruction of homes, businesses and property, due in no small part to the IJC’s Plan 2014,” Hawley wrote in the letter to President Trump. 

            “Plan 2014 is a debacle that has perpetuated much of Lake Ontario’s disastrous flooding, and I have written to President Trump asking him to renegotiate this plan immediately. This was signed into law by President Obama during the waning days of his presidency and we need to address the root cause of flooding to prevent these conditions from occurring in future years,” Hawley concluded.




May 27, 2019                                                                                                              



A statement from Assemblyman Steve Hawley (R,C,I-Batavia)

          “Today, I join millions of Americans who honor the sacrifice paid by fallen soldiers and their families. Generation after generation, beginning with the American Revolution, soldiers have stood ready to defend their country, freedoms and civil liberties with their lives. As a result of that sacrifice, our nation has been free, prosperous and the envy of the world throughout its history.        

            “Americans owe a special debt of gratitude to our fallen soldiers and gold star families. I am especially grateful that my colleagues in the state Assembly finally joined an effort I have long championed to grant the dependents of fallen soldiers free college tuition. I am also proud to continue the tradition of Patriot trips to Washington D.C., the annual trip I take with veterans and their families to visit the Capitol of our country, which they fought so hard to protect.

              “As the son of a World War II veteran and a veteran of the military myself, standing up for veterans is a duty I will never overlook. That is why I cherish my position on the Veterans’ Affairs Committee in the Assembly. In the coming weeks, I look forward to continuing my fight for legislation to exempt honorably-discharged veterans from thruway tolls, veterans over 85 years old from paying state income tax and extending state benefits to promote veteran-owned businesses.

“Nevertheless, on this Memorial Day I want to extend a special salute to our fallen soldiers and all of our nation’s gold star families. As a nation, we must never forget their extraordinary service and patriotism.”

May 23, 2019                                                                                                              


A Statement by Assemblyman Steve Hawley (R,C,I-Batavia)

            “The New York state Appellate Court got this wrong. I’m deeply disappointed, both in the substance of the ruling and in the judicial overreach which prevents the New York Farm Bureau from appropriately litigating this case in trial court. Make no mistake, if the Court of Appeals doesn’t overturn this decision, it will mark the end of family farms in New York state, wiping out hundreds of thousands of jobs, billions of dollars in economic impact and generations of time-honored tradition older than New York state itself. It’s imperative that the New York Farm Bureau’s appeal is successful,” said Hawley.

May 20, 2019                                                                                                              


            After writing a letter to Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell and speaking to the White House late last week on the need to establish a functioning International Joint Commission (IJC), Assemblyman Steve Hawley (R,C,I-Batavia) proudly announced that the United State Senate confirmed former Assemblywoman Jane Corwin along with Lance Yohe and Robert Sisson as commissioners of the IJC.  

            “I am pleased to announce that Majority Leader McConnell and the United States Senate heard our pleas regarding the gravity of this situation along Lake Ontario and finally confirmed the three commissioners – I thank them for their help,” Hawley said. “Now that a functioning IJC is in place we need to move forward and immediately develop a plan to regulate water levels as well as ensure that flood prevention and recovery efforts are in place in the event that water levels continue to rise precipitously.”

            Hawley, who has a close relationship with now Commissioner Corwin, plans to move ahead with remediating imminent flooding along Lake Ontario’s Southern Shoreline, which he witnessed firsthand last week on a self-guided tour from the towns of Yates to Kendall.

            “I will be working with state leaders and my regional colleagues in both houses the last several weeks of session to see that a plan is in place and funding is set aside in the case that homeowners and businesses face the same devastation they endured in 2017,” Hawley concluded.

May 16, 2019                                                                                                              



Assemblyman Steve Hawley (R,C,I-Batavia) poses with 70 students from Kendall Schools donning shirts representing the school colors, logo and ‘Class of 2024’, who visited Albany for a tour of the legislative process Tuesday, May 14.

            As he does many times throughout session with various school groups and interest holders, Assemblyman Steve Hawley (R,C,I-Batavia) welcomed seventy middle school students from Kendall to the Capitol Tuesday for a tour and discussion of the legislative process, as well as a formal introduction on the Assembly floor.

            “I was proud to welcome these inquisitive and enthusiastic students from my district to Albany and pleased to give them a behind-the-scenes look at policymaking in our state,” Hawley said. “The Eagles certainly made their presence known, proudly sporting their school’s colors and logo, and it my pleasure to join my colleagues in introducing them during our Assembly proceedings on Tuesday. I enjoy giving young students the opportunity to ask questions and witness the inter-workings of politics firsthand. In doing so, we create more civic-minded young people and a stronger democracy.”

May 13, 2019                                                                                                              



          In light of water levels continuing to rise and historically adverse flooding conditions along Lake Ontario’s southern shoreline in recent years, Assemblyman Steve Hawley (R,C,I-Batavia) personally toured the northern border of the lake from the Town of Yates to the Town of Kendall Sunday to inspect conditions firsthand.

            Hawley, who was one of the first elected officials to tour flood related devastation along the shoreline in 2017, wrote to Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell requesting immediate confirmation of newly appointed International Joint Commission (IJC) members so they can begin work regulating water levels and protecting residents and businesses who may soon face property damage in northern Orleans County.

            “I am writing regarding the urgent need for the Senate to move forward and place the International Joint Commission nominees on the Senate calendar for confirmation votes…Water levels on Lake Ontario are at 246.86 feet, compared to the peak of 249.10 in 2017. The lake has risen 5 inches in the past 10 days. However, if this continues, the few residents who survived the flooding in 2017 with minimum damage may not this year,” Hawley wrote in the letter.


May 2, 2019                                                                                                                


          As details emerge about the effort peddled by New York City politicians to allow undocumented immigrants to obtain driver’s licenses, Assemblyman Steve Hawley (R,C,I-Batavia) blasted the proposal. This measure comes on the heels of the Majority passing tuition assistance for illegal immigrants while initially opposing Hawley’s bill to do the same for Gold Star families.

            “Instead of incentivizing legal immigration, Albany is once again creating a magnet for outright lawlessness,” Hawley said. “First they offered undocumented immigrants the right to free college tuition, now they offer the privilege of driving. This latest proposal jeopardizes the safety of our communities throughout the state. NYC lawmakers continue to place the interests of illegal immigrants ahead of law-abiding, middle-class New Yorkers.

“We are a nation of laws, and these proposals only lead to more giveaways and services for illegal immigrants in our state. In addition, handing out these privileges blurs the lines between law-abiding citizens and those here illegally. Rest assured, I will continue to remain steadfast in my commitment to public safety and the rule of law especially in light of the avalanche of proposals endangering New York families in favor of realizing a political agenda,” Hawley concluded.

May 1, 2019                                                                                                                 



Assemblyman Steve Hawley (R,C,I-Batavia) [far right] poses with officers from West Point Academy in the Assembly Chamber on Wednesday, May 1.

          Assemblyman Steve Hawley (R,C,I-Batavia) met with West Point leaders and cadets in recognition of West Point Day at the state Assembly on Wednesday. A proud member of the Veterans’ Affairs Committee, Hawley also has roots of his own in the military, his father was a veteran of World War II and Hawley himself served for seven years in the Ohio Army National Guard as well as the U.S. Army Reserves.

            “It is always a great honor to host our West Point leaders and cadets who carry forward this incredible American military tradition,” Hawley said. “West Point embodies what makes America exceptional and its soldiers extraordinary. I commend all of those in the West Point family who continue to protect and serve with the honor and character that makes all of America proud.”

            Hawley recently lead a successful bipartisan nationwide effort to ensure that the family members and spouses of deceased and disabled military members are provided college benefits free of charge. His vocal advocacy even garnered President Trump’s support for the policy after downstate lawmakers attempted to bury the bill in the legislative committee process.

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