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December 29, 2016                                    __                                            _


A Statement by Assemblyman Steve Hawley (R,C,I-Batavia)

            “On behalf of my office, my family and the New York State Assembly, I would like to wish all my constituents and New Yorkers alike a safe, healthy and happy New Year. 2016 was a groundbreaking year for Western New York, and brought promise and hope that we can build on our accomplishments and do even better in 2017. We passed a $2 billion middle-class tax cut, enacted legislation to end gender and pregnancy discrimination in the workplace, funded our public schools to a record high and have begun numerous local infrastructure projects that will make a real difference in local residents’ lives.

            “The start of a new year is one of those unique times when we can truly reflect on our successes and growth in the past year and have fun with family and friends. It is a time to put the past behind us, set new goals and push ourselves to grow and do even better in the coming weeks and months. As you are ringing in the New Year, please remember to do so responsibly and take advantage of the many organizations that offer free cab rides late into the night.

            “It has been my honor and privilege to serve the people of Genesee, Monroe and Orleans counties over the past two years, and I promise to always put my constituents first and do the best job for Western New York as we enter a new legislative term.”

December 22, 2016                                    __                                            _



A Statement by Assemblyman Steve Hawley (R,C,I-Batavia)

            “As we approach the 2016 holiday season, I want to wish all my constituents and New Yorkers alike a safe and happy holiday season from the bottom of my heart. The holidays are one of the best times of the year to relax, exchange gifts and enjoy the many opportunities we have to be with family and friends. As we enjoy this special time of year, please take a moment to thank the thousands of servicemen and women who are overseas and unable to spend the holidays with their families. They and their predecessors’ sacrifices have made it possible for us to realize such an extraordinary and memorable time of year.

            “As you give and receive gifts this year I encourage you to keep in mind that local families are still struggling in our area and many children are unsure whether they will be receiving any gifts. It is important for us to help the less fortunate and realize that a small donation will brighten a child’s day more than you can imagine. Please take advantage of some of the local opportunities to make a donation, and together we can build a stronger Western New York.”

Episcopal Charities offers food panties, community kitchens and a wide variety of services during the holidays. Learn how to help at                                    

December 9, 2016                                      __                                            _


            As part of this year's round of the Regional Economic Development Council's (REDC) awards, Assemblyman Steve Hawley (R,C,I-Batavia) is proudly announcing that more than $3.5 million has been awarded to ten projects in Monroe, Orleans and Genesee counties. The projects include upgrading local infrastructure, comprehensive marketing and economic development studies on various subjects, preservation of historical landmarks and upgrades and expansions of new and existing businesses.

            "I am pleased to announce this large influx of funding and economic development coming to the 139th Assembly District," Hawley said. "Attracting new businesses and helping existing ones expand while also keeping a steady eye on our infrastructure needs has been a large focus of mine the past several years. These projects will go a long way toward helping often-neglected municipalities better serve their residents and fund studies that small towns and villages cannot afford but are oftentimes crucial to their development and determining feasibility of projects."

Below is a list of the projects and their award amounts:

$12,500- Downtown Batavia Public Market Study: Funds a public market assessment and conceptual market master plan for sites in downtown Batavia.

$1,900,000- Ellicott Station: The Batavia Development Corporation will assist Savarino Companies with site/infrastructure and building renovation/construction in the downtown Brownfield Opportunity Area. The area will be redeveloped for a mix of retail, entertainment, office and light industrial uses.

$50,000- City of Batavia Storm Water Capital Plan: Funds will be used to complete a storm water capital plan.

$25,000- Downtown Batavia Healthy Living Campus: The City of Batavia will conduct a feasibility study for a comprehensive, multi-purpose health campus to be located in downtown Batavia.

$47,500- Genesee County Housing Needs Assessment: Funds will be used to complete a housing needs study.

$96,000- Haunted History Trail of New York State 2017 Initiatives: Grant funds will be used to conduct a conversion/economic impact study for the Haunted History Trail of New York State, which is the first and only statewide paranormal tourism trail in the U.S.

$150,000- Sysco Western NY Depot: Clear land and build a facility to house delivery management for distribution services.

$499,605- Village of Albion, Rebuild Bullard Park Project: Bullard Park is a 26-acre village-owned public park located only one block south of the Erie Canal. Bullard Park contains three picnic shelters, two baseball diamonds, a large children’s playground, a basketball court, a hard-surface skateboarding area, a sledding hill and restroom facilities. When Bullard Park is rebuilt, the entire population of Albion will once again have a centerpiece for community functions and a public setting in which to enjoy the summer months.

$30,000- Village of Medina Inflow and Infiltration: The Village of Medina will complete an engineering report to identify sources of inflow and infiltration and solutions as well as sewer separation opportunities.

$700,000- The College at Brockport Access to Excellence: The Research Foundation for SUNY and the College of Brockport will renovate the 5th floor of the Rochester Educational Center in downtown Rochester and establish a single point of access to educational, counseling, support services and resources for those affected by poverty.



Will work with Collins and President-Elect Trump following the International Joint Commission's decision to follow through with plan

            Following the International Joint Commission's (IJC) recent decision to follow through on Plan 2014, which makes dangerous changes to the water levels of Lake Ontario and the St. Lawrence River, Assemblyman Steve Hawley (R,C,I-Batavia) is condemning the decision and has pledged to work with local leaders and the incoming Trump Administration to stop its completion.

            "This is a misguided and dangerous decision by the IJC and Obama Administration that will have a devastating impact on our community if completed," Hawley said. "I've been fighting this poorly-devised and myopic plan since its inception, and it has become abundantly clear that the risks far outweigh any potential benefits for altering the water levels of Lake Ontario and the St. Lawrence River. How dare President Obama make such a disastrous and cowardly decision with mere weeks left in office and leave our community to deal with the consequences."

            Hawley has written to Gov. Cuomo and the IJC and voiced his concerns on the matter. The Lake Ontario shoreline, part of which Hawley represents, could face near disaster if water levels are raised, and an increase could result in the loss of beaches, rental properties, world-famous fishing spots, homes and businesses. He has pledged to work closely with Congressman Chris Collins (NY-27), who is also spearheading an effort against Plan 2014.

            "As I've said before, by raising the water levels of Lake Ontario and the St. Lawrence River, we are placing waterfront homes, businesses, rental properties, infrastructure and wildlife in harm's way," Hawley said. "A winter with heavy snow would only exacerbate these concerns,  not to mention the exorbitant flood insurance costs that residents would have to pay. I will be working  with Congressman Collins and other local leaders to shut this plan down immediately and protect our waterfront."

December 6, 2016                                      __                                            _


A Statement by Assemblyman Steve Hawley (R,C,I-Batavia)

            “The surprise attacks on the Pearl Harbor Naval Base in what is now Hawaii represent a crucial time in U.S. military and world history. More than 2,000 brave men and women lost their lives defending our sovereignty and freedom and their service will never be forgotten. Despite the shameless attack on the American stance of isolationism, our military quickly mobilized and defeated the forces of Nazism and Fascism during World War II.

            “As the son of a veteran and veteran myself, I have always championed taking care of our servicemen and servicewomen as one of my top priorities in Albany. I have pushed for legislation to exempt veterans from admission to state parks and facilities, held events to teach local veterans about business ownership, and helped usher in the Veterans Buy-Back bill.

            “It is paramount that we remain vigilant in our war against evil in today’s world, and the attacks on Pearl Harbor serve as a lesson that there will always be challenges to our democracy but through strength and determination, our way of life will prevail.

            “I would like to thank and commend any surviving World War II veterans and their families and commemorate this special day in American history. Please take a moment on Pearl Harbor Day to remember those who perished in this tragedy and thank a veteran close to you in your life.”

November 30, 2016                                      __                                          _


            Assemblyman Steve Hawley (R,C,I-Batavia) today announced the locations and times of his upcoming Monroe County Town Hall Meetings on Saturday, December 10.    

            “I am excited by the opportunity to listen to the questions and concerns of my constituents in Monroe County,” Hawley said. “Positive feedback and constructive criticism keep me motivated to fight for better public policy each day. I use the concerns and ideas of my constituents to shape my initiatives, legislative votes and the programs I fight for during budget negotiations.”

            Hawley’s Monroe County Town Hall schedule for Saturday, December 10 is as follows:

Village of Churchville/Town of Riga
Churchville Village Hall
23 E. Buffalo Street

Village of Brockport /Town of Sweden
Brockport Village Hall
49 State Street

Town of Clarkson
Clarkson Town Hall
3710 Lake Road

Town of Hamlin
Hamlin Town Hall
1658 Lake Road

November 29, 2016                                      __                                          _


Gov. Cuomo refuses to sign legislation passed 136-8 in the Assembly and 59-3 in the Senate

            “I’m not sure if the governor is still half asleep on tryptophan from Thanksgiving, but it is unthinkable that he can morally and logically kill legislation that was passed 136 to 8 in the Assembly and 59 to 3 in the Senate.

            “Disrespectful and heartless doesn’t begin to describe Cuomo’s actions toward our tens of thousands of tireless volunteers in charities, churches and fire departments, who donate their time to improving their community and now have their hands tied when it comes to fundraising. Gov. Cuomo’s veto message claims the bill may be unconstitutional but our counsel here at the Assembly already ensured that the legislation was constitutional when it was drafted.”

            “The Town of Stafford Fire Department has conducted their car raffle for roughly 70 years and now they are faced with a 300% budget increase without their fundraiser. This surely amounts to a tax hike for town residents who are already struggling under the nation’s highest taxes. Upstate fire departments are primarily volunteer and rely on these annual raffles for revenue and to fuel operation costs. Whereas downstate many firefighters are paid so this legislation isn’t as important to them. The veto further exemplifies the upstate and downstate divide and why ‘Two New Yorks’ should be put on the ballot.”   

            “Actions like this are one of the reasons people are fleeing New York in droves. For a governor who cowardly avoids the Legislature to enact his policy agenda and perpetuates our state’s highest taxes in the nation, you’d think the least he could do was sign a non-controversial bill that helps charities raise money.”



Downstate politicians push nanny-state measure to require snow removal from vehicle roofs

            Assemblyman Steve Hawley (R,C,I-Batavia) is out today criticizing the recent report that three bills, A.1862, A.1584 and S.243, to mandate that New Yorkers remove snow from the roofs of their vehicles, are gaining traction and will most likely be reintroduced in the upcoming legislative session. The threshold for the amount of snow and ice that must be removed is not specifically mentioned. Most of these bills are sponsored by members of the Legislature from New York City, its suburbs or Long Island.

            “This is a perfect example of how myopic some downstate representatives are,” Hawley said. “My district lies in the snow belt where people sometimes can’t even open their front doors after a big storm, let alone shovel all the snow off of their vehicles. These bills would place a large burden on our trucking and transportation industries, where drivers, usually on a tight schedule, would have to climb to the top of their rigs and shovel off feet of snow, placing them in a dangerous situation.

            “This is a case where my ‘Two New Yorks’ bill would be useful. I have been calling for a ballot referendum on the simple of question of ‘Do you support the division of New York into two separate states?’ for many years now because of the legislative, cultural and economic divide that is so apparent. If New York City and the surrounding areas want to enact such a measure, then they should be able to, but leave upstate New York alone.”

November 25, 2016                                      __                                          _


            With National Small Business Day this Saturday, Assemblyman Steve Hawley (R,C,I-Batavia), a small-business owner and operator for over four decades, is encouraging his constituents to shop at local small businesses this weekend and keep Western New York’s economy strong. Hawley has been a longtime champion of small-business tax and regulatory reform in Albany, fighting for the Small Business Full Employment Act and legislation to keep retail small businesses within the state and increase their vitality through the New York State Department of Economic Development.

            “With the hustle and bustle of Black Friday almost here and large focus on big box chain stores, I want to remind my constituents and all New Yorkers about the importance small-business Saturday plays for our local economy,” Hawley said. “Small businesses employ nearly 52 percent of New York’s workforce and many times these companies are family-owned and passed down through the generations. By shopping at local small businesses you are protecting jobs in our community, keeping profits in New York State and spurring economic growth which benefits everyone. Please consider shopping local for small-business Saturday because a local investment is an investment in us all.”

November 23, 2016                                      __                                          _


            Assemblyman Steve Hawley (R,C,I-Batavia) today announced that seven canal bridges in Orleans County and seventeen total in the region will be receiving major upgrades from the New York State Department of Transportation (DOT). The infrastructure upgrade is being called “unprecedented” by state officials and also includes $14 million in paving and improvements to the Lake Ontario State Parkway (LOSP) starting on Route 237 in Kendall and moving east into Monroe County.

            “This is like an early Christmas present for our community,” Hawley said. “I have been meeting with local highway superintendents, attending local meetings with residents, personally delivered thousands of petition signatures to the governor and written letters to several high-ranking state officials and federal representatives about repairing our area’s infrastructure, and our efforts have finally come to fruition.”

            The canal bridges pegged for improvement are located at Bates Road in Ridgeway, Bennetts Corners in Murray, Densmore Road in Gaines, Gaines Basin Road in Albion, Marshall Road in Ridgeway, Telegraph Road in Murray and Transit Road in Albion. DOT has also identified the Main Street Lift Bridge in Albion and the lift bridge in Brockport to receive improvements during 2018-19.

            “The dangerous condition of our canal bridges has placed a financial and time-consuming burden on local businesses and emergency services, and these repairs will allow those groups to function more efficiently and reduce costs,” Hawley said. “Furthermore, repairing the treacherous conditions of parts of the LOSP has been a top priority of mine in recent years, and I am glad to see that this groundswell of local support has allowed us to receive state funding. I am hopeful that once these repairs are complete we can attract more tourists to this world-class fishing destination and ensure safe travel for local residents.”

November 22, 2016                                      __                                          _


            In the midst of the 2016 holiday season, Assemblyman Steve Hawley (R,C,I-Batavia) is encouraging his constituents and New Yorkers all across the state to spend some quality relaxation time with family and friends and take a moment to reflect on all their good fortunes in life. He also placed emphasis on finding time to give back to those in need who may not be able to enjoy the Thanksgiving and holiday privileges some of us are afforded.

            "Thanksgiving is one of the few times of year that allows us to appreciate what is truly valuable and irreplaceable in life;  our health, family and caring for one another," Hawley said. "While you are enjoying your turkey, stuffing and football with family and friends, please try to give back to our community and those less fortunate in one way or another. Even an act as simple as donating a few canned items to your local food pantry or sponsoring a hot turkey dinner for a local family will bring joy and relief and help us strengthen Western New York. But most of all have a great Thanksgiving and enjoy the well-deserved time off."

Visit to find a food pantry or donate to one of our local options here in Western New York:

Genesee County Food Pantries:

Salvation Army

529 E. Main Street Batavia, NY

Mobile Food Pantry 1st Wednesday of every month


Community Action of Orleans and Genesee

5073 Clinton St. Road Batavia, NY

Le Roy Pantry and Help Fund Inc.

48 Main Street Le Roy, NY

(585) 768-4559

Monroe County:
Hilton Parma Emergency Food Shelf
59 Henry Street, Room 11B, Hilton Community Center
Hilton, NY 14468
(585) 234-2090

Brockport Food Shelf
14 State St, Brockport, NY 14420

(585) 637-8169





November 17, 2016                                      __                                          _


Calls on fire departments, not for profits and churches to urge Gov. to sign

            One of Assemblyman Steve Hawley’s (R,C,I-Batavia) signature legislative accomplishments this past Legislative Session, The Charitable Gaming Act of 2016, has finally hit Gov. Cuomo’s desk and is awaiting his signature, which would make the bill a law, or his veto. The bill was delivered to the governor on Wednesday and he has ten days to decide whether to sign or veto the legislation.

            The bill, which Hawley and Assemblyman Schimminger (D-Buffalo) ushered through the house and Sen. Gallivan (R,C,I-Elma) sponsored in the Senate along with support from Sen. Michael Ranzenhofer and Sen. Robert Ortt, would allow  “raffles” to accept legal tender, credit and debit payment for their charitable auctions and games, and allow purchases toward the raffles to be made online. The new law would restore the Stafford Fire Department’s famous annual car raffle that ended last year after decades due to archaic provisions that restricted how the charity raffle could operate.

            “I am excited that the ‘Charitable Gaming Act’ has finally hit the governor’s desk and is awaiting his approval,” Hawley said. “I worked diligently with colleagues in both houses to pass this legislation and it is crucial for fire departments, non-profits and other charities that hold raffles and games to revise these archaic and outdated requirements, which hamper their ability to give back to the local community. I encourage all of my constituents and local charities to call or write Gov. Cuomo and urge him to sign this important bill. This will go a long way toward helping to restore the Stafford Fire Department’s annual car raffle.”

To contact Gov. Cuomo by mail or phone:

The Honorable Andrew M. Cuomo
Governor of New York State
NYS State Capitol Building
Albany, NY 12224


November 16, 2016                                      __                                          _


Attends local meeting with public, community activists and writes local and national leaders including President-elect Trump in support of parkway

            In his continuous fight to secure funding to repair the Lake Ontario State Parkway (LOSP), Assemblyman Steve Hawley (R,C,I-Batavia) brought attention to the issue at a widely-attended meeting Monday night at the home of Gene Haines, formerly the Barbary Coast Restaurant. Speakers included Sen. Robert Ortt (R,C,I-North Tonawanda), Kevin Bush of the New York State Department of Transportation and Wayne Goodman of the Landmark Society of Western New York.

            "This has been a staple of my infrastructure improvement plan for many years," Hawley said. "The LOSP is very important to our local tourism industry, the safety of local drivers and its historical significance is unmatched in our region, as shown by its recent induction into the 'Five to Revive'  by the Landmark Society of Western New York. Last spring, I personally delivered thousands of signatures to the governor's office in Albany and have remained vigilant on this issue because I know how much it means to our area. Monday's meeting was an important step toward raising awareness for repair of the LOSP and I will keep fighting until we secure more funding for its management."

            Along with his attendance and activism at Monday's meeting, Hawley has penned a letter to Congressman Chris Collins (R-Clarence), U.S. Sen. Chuck Schumer (R-NY), State Sen. Joe Robach (R-Greece), Chair of the New York State Senate Transportation Committee, and President-elect Donald J. Trump.

            "The condition of the parkway has local residents, businesses and tourists very concerned because they have had to live with deteriorating conditions for decades," Hawley wrote. "I have received hundreds of letters and emails regarding this issue...To make our state a world-class tourist destination and to improve the quality of life for local residents, it is imperative that the Parkway's conditions improve."



November 10, 2016                                      __                                          _


Assemblyman Hawley urges constituents to pay tribute to our retired and active servicemen and servicewomen on eve of Veterans Day

            On the eve of this year’s Veterans Day, Assemblyman Steve Hawley (R,C,I-Batavia) is urging his constituents and all New Yorkers to take some time tomorrow and thank a veteran or current service member for their dedication and sacrifice to preserving our way of life. Hawley, the son of a veteran, served seven years in the Ohio Army National Guard and U.S. Army Reserves and reached the rank of 1st Lieutenant.

            “Military service runs deep in my family and Veterans Day will always hold a special place in my heart,” Hawley said. “Whether it be my annual Patriot Trip to Washington D.C. to give back to local veterans or my efforts in Albany, I try to improve the lives of our active military and veterans consistently throughout the year. Our veterans display a tremendous amount of sacrifice and dedication to preserving our way of life and their actions have helped shape our country into the pinnacle of liberty and success. I encourage all my constituents and New Yorkers alike to take time tomorrow to thank a veteran for their service and pray for those who are still fighting overseas.”       

            Hawley is a true champion in Albany for our current and retired military members and serves as the Ranking Republican Member of the Assembly’s Veterans’ Affairs Committee. Hawley sponsors several pieces of legislation to make the “Campaign Service Medal” more inclusive, help veterans start small businesses, and remove admission fees for veterans to state parks. Hawley also played a pivotal role in ushering in the Veterans Buy-back Bill that allows vets to purchase up to three years of military service back from the state in exchange for a credit toward their public pension.  

October 27, 2016                                          __                                          _


‘We don’t need more money; we need an emphasis on stewardship, governance and efficiency.’

Assemblyman Steve Hawley (R,C,I-Batavia) said he opposes pay raises for lawmakers, as the core function of the Legislature is helping New Yorkers improve their quality of life through a responsible budget and effective legislation, not making more money.

Hawley also believes a more efficient legislative schedule, for example starting session at 9 a.m. and working until 5 p.m., three days per week instead of 59 days spread over six months, would enable the people’s work to be wrapped up by the end of March. 

“We need to return to what our Founding Fathers envisioned when our country was conceived, citizen representatives whose motivation for taking office was to serve their neighbors,” said Hawley. “We don’t need more money; we need an emphasis on stewardship, governance and efficiency. I am honored to serve the residents of the 139th district and all New Yorkers; I do not support a legislative pay raise at the expense of those I represent.”

Hawley also said he does not believe the Commission on Legislative, Judicial & Executive Compensation should be making a lawfully-binding pay raise recommendation to the Legislature. That decision, he said, should be up to those elected by the public.

“An embarrassing number of legislators have been found to be abusing the public trust. Until there are rock-solid reforms in place to ensure an end to corruption, bribery, fraud and pay-to-play politics, we should not even entertain the thought of a raise,” said Hawley.

Hawley believes that people should run in order to advocate for their neighbors and not because they are seeking a lucrative occupation. In order to recruit citizens who are in it for the right reasons and deter future corruption, he has fought for legislation that would do away with pensions for statewide elected officials convicted of a felony (A377). Hawley pledged to continue fighting for ethics reform during the upcoming session.

October 6, 2016                                          __                                            _


As part of his re-election bid for the 139th Assembly District, Assemblyman Steve Hawley (R,C,I-Batavia) announced today that he has been endorsed by the National Rifle Association (NRA) and the Rochester Chamber of Commerce. Hawley, a vocal voice for upstate gun owners and small businesses, has also received an "A" rating from the NRA,  an endorsement from the National Federation of Independent Business (NFIB), and a rating of 88 percent from Unshackle Upstate, solidifying him as one of the strongest Second Amendment and small-business proponents in the entire State Legislature.

"Supporting the Second Amendment and the rights of law-abiding gun owners in Western New York has been part of my platform since I originally ran for the Assembly," Hawley said. "When the NY SAFE Act was rammed through the Legislature in 2013, I was adamantly opposed and I still fight its unconstitutionality today. Hunting and target shooting are part of our area's culture, and if I am privileged enough to serve another two years in the Assembly, I will defend those rights with everything I have. I am humbled by the NRA's endorsement and will continue to support their efforts."

"As a member of the small-business community for over four decades, I know the hardships faced by companies right here in Western New York,” Hawley said “While more influence and political gimmicks continue to be funneled  downstate, the lifeblood of upstate communities, our family-owned small businesses, continue to suffer and that is absolutely unacceptable. Albany's tens of thousands of pages of rules and regulations suck the life out of small businesses trying to sustain a profit and keep from outsourcing local jobs. I am honored to have the endorsement of the Rochester Chamber of Commerce and will continue to fight for New York's business community upon re-election to the Assembly."

September 22, 2016                                   __                                            _


A Statement from Assemblyman Steve Hawley (R,C,I – Batavia

“In recent months we have watched details surrounding the state’s dysfunctional economic development programs unfold. Today, two individuals with close ties to the governor and his administration have been charged with alleged bid-rigging and bribery.

“The time for change – dramatic change – is now.

“Every investigation surrounding public officials, now one including Joseph Percoco and Alain Kaloyeros, has highlighted a desperate need for reform. Entrusted with the public’s confidence to effect positive change, I am calling for a comprehensive and meaningful response to these issues.

“I will continue to fight for increased accountability and transparency; the status quo must be changed.” 

September 9, 2016                                     __                                            _


            “I am deeply saddened and heartbroken by the death of Assemblyman Bill Nojay. Bill was a principled patriot who always put his community and Western New York first. His unwavering commitment to conservatism and altruistic dedication as a longtime public servant was truly special. He will surely be missed and my sincere condolences go out to his family and loved ones.”

September 6, 2016                                     __                                            _


            Due to harsh drought conditions experienced by many of New York’s farmers, Assemblyman Steve Hawley (R,C,I-Batavia) today announced that Genesee, Monroe and Orleans Counties have been designated natural disaster areas and are eligible for assistance through the United States Department of Agriculture Farm Service Agency. State officials will be conducting on-site assessments of the damage to local farms and working with Cornell University experts to devise recovery solutions.

            “Farmers are the backbone of New York’s already excellent, diversified and growing agriculture sector,” Hawley said. “As the former owner and operator of our family farm for many years, I can personally attest to the determination of our famers to battle ever-changing weather and devastating floods and drought in Western New York. It is important to protect the livelihood of our producers and assist them when unforeseen circumstances threaten their prosperity. I am pleased the federal government is offering our famers this much needed assistance.”

            Further information and a list of services available can be found here.



            Assemblyman Steve Hawley (R,C,I-Batavia) received high praise this week from two organizations dedicated to encouraging small businesses in our state. The New York small-business advocacy organization Unshackle Upstate and the National Federation of Independent Business (NFIB) both released their rankings of legislators’ performances in Albany and how those performances have affected New York business owners. Hawley received approval from both organizations, scoring an 88/100 from Unshackle Upstate and a 100% from the NFIB.

            “It is an honor to be recognized by the NFIB and Unshackle Upstate in such high regard. I always keep the interests of my local business owners first and foremost when representing my district in Albany,” said Hawley. “As a small-business owner for over four decades, I know the challenges faced by our state’s business community and use my knowledge and resources to fight for solutions that will spur economic growth and create jobs. I hope to continue to earn the praise bestowed upon me this week and to continue doing the business community proud.”


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